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Last summer, the fashion designer Telfar Clemens was thinking about cargo. In July, his label, Telfar, moved its studio from a warehouse in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick to four shipping containers down the street. The containers were stacked across from a corrugated-metal quonset hut in a gravel yard that recalled a landing-strip airport in a tropical country, exposed to the elements and easily dismantled in an exodus. As Clemens designed his Spring collection, he was considering the cargo economy. Globalization has produced a lingua franca of T-shirts and jeans, sweats and tracksuits, polo shirts and basketball shorts. These everyday garments are the ones Clemens has returned to most often in his designs. I visited Clemens one afternoon last July in the red Hyundai shipping container that he was using as an office. He is thirty-five, lanky, and graceful, with a gap-toothed grin and a smoky laugh. That day, he was wearing a net tank top with Rastafarian stripes from the dollar store, Telfar knee-length denim shorts, a gold Telfar-logo necklace, and black Converse sneakers.

Brands and Labels

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And why does the term ‘polo shirt’ evoke images of Ralph Lauren’s polo-player motif An original Izod Lacoste label via Vintage Swag Chics.

In January , a video surfaced of Kanye West talking through his second capsule collection with French denim label A. Standing in a Paris showroom, West spent nearly fifteen minutes explaining to a room of fashion editors every stitch, detail, and decision that went into the military-inspired capsule. Maybe even unmatched. In , Kanye West released his debut album, The College Dropout, which shattered the mold of gangsta rap in favor of a more introspective, jocular, self-aware style of rap that was equal parts balling and self-deprecating.

At the Grammys following the release of his second album, Late Registration , West wore a purple tudo and a shirt unbuttoned to his navel. And took home three Grammys anyway. In , Bape was bar none the most coveted streetwear brand on the planet. Later in the year, on his Glow in the Dark Tour, Kanye wore an unreleased purple and orange colorway. The first Kanye West-designed piece of clothing the world saw was a Bape-inspired hoodie featuring a colorful pattern.

A website surfaced—which first referred to the label as Pastelle and later as Past. In , West and his crew hit fashion week in Paris and made a splash—especially after having their photo taken by street style photographer Tommy Ton.

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Few men’s clothing lines claim classic style like the Ralph Lauren Black Label. Since Lauren started out designing men’s neck-wear more than forty years ago his signature varieties have satisfied the fashion savvy masses. Today the Ralph Lauren dynasty includes; fashion for men, women as well as children, handbags, belts and shoes, jewelry and fashion items, fragrances and home furnishings. The iconic” Polo” on the breast of a RL tshirt is synonymous with excellence and the Ralph Lauren signature may be found on a vast range of consumer items including restaurants from apparel to appetizers.

In this article I examine the dressing for over 40 for women. I review in detail the best clothes for ladies for over forty looking at what are the essentials of a clothing collection which garments will leave you feeling stylish and beautiful for all your various activities.

has released a playlist of songs from their shows dating back to , from labels such as Telfar, Pyer Moss, and Ralph Lauren, or perhaps.

Please make a special request for a future blog post by saying hello on Facebook , sending a Tweet or a friendly message via email. Thanks all for checking in — and happy vintage fashion identifying! Today, the label is simpler. Betsey Johnson was founded in The label was bought by The Limited in the s and transformed into the mall store we know today. And Banana Republic — using a real banana in their tag!

How interesting to notice how retailers have reworked their image in the interest of profits!!! Not that we are giving them our hard-won dough! I love this site. I used it when I thought I found a Pucci blouse. It was a great vintage find nonetheless. Thanks so much for leaving this comment Sandra! Can I see a pic of the Pucci blouse?

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Etiquette guide Debrett’s publishes a list of the top ten fashion labels the British get wrong.

Label: Neumann – Engler. Label: Marche. Label: Kokin. Year: – Label: The May Company. Label: Rauschert Soeurs. Label: Sears Roebuck and Co. I took the pictures with the veil to the back so you can see the hat. The veil should be worn over the hat. We know this is old because the label is Sears Roebuck. They changed the name to just Sears. The material this is made from was called celluloid.

The material could be celluloid.

Fashion is not about Labels by Ralph Lauren [QOTW]

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People natually equate labels with quality. It is acceptable to purchase a polo shirt with a small Lacoste or Ralph Lauren logo on your left chest. that you’ve had a piece of spinach stuck to your front teeth for the duration of a first date.

Great style begins with subtraction. Sometimes, it’s difficult to spot a fashion mistake when everybody else seems to adopt it as a trend. Most men have a poor sense of smell and become desensitized to their every day cologne. As a result, they end up using too much and announcing their presence with a strong scent. Develop the habit of wearing the right amount of perfume, applied in the right places. Selectively spray once on your wrists, neck and chest while holding the bottle 10 inches away from your body.

Subtlety is the key to impressing while using generous amounts of fragrance reeks of trying too hard. Whether you are using a stronger perfume or a weaker concentraion cologne , the number of sprays does not change. A weaker scent evaporates quicker, requiring another application during the day.

Ralph Lauren Taps Chance the Rapper for New Snapchat Bitmoji Partnership

Brands developed as a means of commercial distinction within the marketplace in the mid-to late-nineteenth century. The process of branding begins with the attachment of a name to a business, product, or a family of products, and involves the creation of an image for that business which sets it apart from its competitors. Brand image is usually disseminated through advertising, but the value of a brand generally resides in its reputation and the level of loyalty or desirability it can generate amongst consumers.

‘Vogue’ to Ralph Lauren. Upon her graduation from college, in , Wang shelved her skating career and began working for Vogue magazine.

How can you tell your Levis from you Samurai? From a distance the pocket stitching looked similar, they had a patch on the waistband and of course, they were all blue. Today the simple tab has become a part of roofless trade wars with copies of the red tab popping up all over the world, with Canes, Geisha and Samurai jeans to name a few copying the tab. In the Big E area there were some more different tab colours on the back pocket besides the famous red one; orange, white and black.

You might come across a pair of Levis with just the trademark and write them off as a fake, however, they are intentionally designed with the almost blank tab. Everyone has a favourite and this one is mine! The design team of Orange Tab, got to be more experimental, changing the silhouettes and stepping out of the stringent requirements put behind red tab clothing.

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