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When we’re looking for a potential partner on a dating app, what makes us decide who we like? Rob and Dan discuss how our brain reacts when we’re looking for love. Listen to the discussion and learn new items of vocabulary in just 6 minutes! Dan In today’s programme we’re going to be looking at what our brains are doing when we are using dating apps. Now, Rob, have you ever used a dating app? Dan Hmm, so Rob, can you explain, when talking about dating apps, what we mean by swipe left and swipe right?

The Podcasts To Listen To When You Need Relationship Advice

So of course there are a multitude of different podcasts on our favourite subject: love and dating! I figured I would save you the trouble of drudging through an endless list of dating podcasts and compile a list of my top five podcasts. As Nicole Byer herself would say, what a treat, what a dream! If you love comedy and dating horror stories, you need this podcast in your life.

“Going into quarantine with someone you’re newly dating is a fast way to You’ll likely both benefit from a solo walk listening to a podcast.

A little positive wisdom can always help. These incredibly empowering podcasts will help you grow into our own skin and ultimately make the world a more positive place. Each one of these podcasts is filled with amazing insight for wherever you are in your life. This is the podcast for you. Mindy Body Musings will undoubtedly bring positive change into your life. Host, Caty Pasternak, offers fun and inspiring conversations about personal-development, self-love, spirituality, body image, mindset, dating, creativity, travel, sex—and anything else geared to making your life incredible and fulfilling.

These podcasts are great for rainy days and anytime you want to hear conversations to inspire. No thanks. So grab your earbuds, open up your Stitcher or iTunes, and listen up. Explore More: career , commute , love yourself , podcast , relationship , self love.

The ADHD Strain: How Relationships Collapse Under the Weight of ADD

Guest Contributor. I liken my own monkey mind tendencies because we all have them! And poof! Monkey Mind wreaks havoc on your ability to have a satisfying love-life—when you get carried off in a stream of thoughts, and you end up thinking about life as opposed to actually living it and enjoying it as it happens.

Maybe she will listen.”). The next time you feel stuck in a conversation, try asking yourself these questions. They can help you change your perspective, step out.

Our loved ones with ADHD are vibrant, creative, and generous. They push us outside our comfort zones, and remind us to laugh. Sometimes, their ADHD symptoms also make them harder to love. Here, real-life couples share their biggest ADD-related relationship challenges and frustrations. ADHD is not the kiss of death. But, if symptoms of attention deficit disorder ADHD or ADD are not properly acknowledged, treated, and accepted, they can — and often do — create or exacerbate marital tensions.

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As life as we know it has been hugely impacted by the COVID crisis, we’ve all had to adapt fast, and so too have our relationships. Lockdown relationships might be growing chasms wider than the 2-metre rule, but there are a few things you can do to set things back on the right track. With the help of experts , we look at how to solve 10 of the most common relationship problems during lockdown.

Lockdown has brought a whole new meaning to long distance relationships. If your S. There’s still no indication of when lockdown will end , and the prospect of not seeing each other for months can be pretty daunting.

How effective are dating apps when you’re looking for a romantic partner? adopting these cleaner-air initiatives? Clean up your English by listening to this discussion 19 Dec Can ecotherapy heal our urban woes?

Finding pen friends pen pals or developing good friendships, either through online dating or talking with friends, can be an important part of a happy life. However, in dating relationships, what kinds of difficulties and problems can arise? What are the best ways to learn to solve such situations? What dating tips can you think of to ensure good relationships? Dave: Greg, greg. Where in the world are you?

First Date Woes: 10 Signs Your Date Isn’t Interested in You at All

Before you find yourself having a mid-day breakdown or quarter-life crisis, consider trying these different methods to de-stress in college. Buy a hammock or rent one from the ORC on campus, then take your studies to the park to get a breath of fresh air and soak in a bit of sunshine. This will help avoid any grogginess that tends to accompany long naps. If you struggle with falling asleep quickly or in the middle of the day, then try meditating instead.

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Subscriber Account active since. For the rest of us, modern dating is a minefield. There are so many rules and games to play it’s easy to lose track. You might be “left on read” by someone you really liked, and your mind may spin out of control when you’re over-analysing what their last few messages really meant. The woes don’t necessarily stop when you find someone.

With Tinder right at your fingertips, it’s tempting to go back and see if there is someone out there who is just a bit more perfect. With so much available choice, how are you supposed to know if someone is right for you? When should you stop over-thinking and finally commit?

The 5 Best Dating & Relationship Podcasts

H ave you recently noticed how loud your partner chews? That her placement of items in the fridge is illogical? That parenting is not one of his or her core strengths? If so, you might be married during a pandemic. As the coronavirus is obliging us to spend the vast majority of our hours in the same surroundings with the same human adult, we have to figure out new ways of working, living, parenting and just getting along with each other.

“I need her to understand me a lot more — my anxiety, ADHD, etc. She doesn’t listen to me.” “I think the hardest challenge in my relationship is that my partner still.

Devon, 17, is used to paying her own cellphone and car expenses. But lately it’s been harder. The family she babysits for hasn’t been calling as much and she couldn’t find a job over the summer. Devon’s dad says it’s a sign of the tough economy. He told her he’s feeling the pinch, too, and that he had to dip into her college fund to pay the mortgage.

For some people, an economic slowdown means eating out less or staying home instead of going on vacation. Parents may not have as much money to put toward allowances or college funds. For other families, though, money problems mean bigger changes, such as a parent taking on a second job or the family having to move to a less expensive house. When a family has money worries, it’s easy to get frustrated and upset — and if you feel that way, you’re far from alone.

Parents also might be more stressed out than usual.

11 of the most awkward lockdown dating stories that show what it’s really like

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So, we have a few tips to avoid the embarrassment. You should be paying attention to each other. Body language often speaks louder than words. They should be paying attention to you, not what else is going on. Unsure of if your date is listening or not? Is your date hesitant about revealing personal information? Dating is exciting because you get to know someone new.

This is your opportunity to dig into their interests, thoughts, fears, and what makes them truly unique, so it can throw a wet blanket on the date when the other party shoves all of your questions aside.

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