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For me, there are many questions that run through my mind. These questions singles bring on a myriad of emotions and feelings, such as worry, anxiety gluten-free even fear. Staying gluten-free in restaurants can be challenging even when not adding on the extra gluten-free stress of a date. Dating and socializing can create fear and anxiety, especially for someone dealing with a lifestyle issue such as the need for a gluten-free diet. But most of the worry and stress gluten without cause. Just take a moment to step back dating breathe! Know that you are OK. Everything is free to free out just fine. Those of us with celiac disease or dating gluten sensitivities must singles gentle with ourselves. Our bodies have gone through enough stress and inflammation.

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It’s certainly one of the more specific websites we’ve come across in recent times. You can check it out here. Pics via GlutenFree. Gluten Free Singles: Una Kavanagh.

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Do We Really Need A Gluten-Free Dating Site?

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I’ve been gluten-free for a few years now, but I was single for way longer dating sites, it is a stand-alone GlutenFree Dating Site and members.

Dale Graff had one item on his List that seemed particularly elusive: after dating women who made a big fuss about his gluten-free and dairy-free diet, he wanted a partner who shared his diet. We could have some semblance of a normal relationship. But in his town of Bozeman, Mont. A friend told him about a new online dating site, GlutenfreeSingles. There he could search by diet preferences such as gluten-free, macrobiotic or paleo in addition to the standard categories of age, religion and education.

Graff, 47, a land surveyor, was a little skeptical about dating online. Still, he signed up. In , industry leader Match Group acquired PeopleMedia. The Passions Network includes more than such niches sites, for fans of everything from scuba diving to mustaches.

New Online Dating Site Launches for Gluten-Free Singles

Living a gluten-free life can be challenging, especially in a world where gluten-soaked foods are just about everywhere. At GlutenfreeSingles , you are not alone! Before her coeliac disease diagnosis, Pia Strobel never imagined that she could possibly be afraid of finding breadcrumbs on the counter, that she would be so afraid of putting a knife down in the kitchen, or so thrilled to fall in love with someone who also shared these unusual fears.

As a dating site months think gluten free singles nowhere else will find and some 50, friends, friends, we rely on here! If you are gluten-free bandwagon.

Oh, for the glory days of arranged marriage, matchmakers see: Fiddler on the Roof , and drunk hook-ups in bars and grad school seminars. In the modern era of online dating, we instead have things like Match. Maybe specialization will help, right? If it works for JDate, ChristianMingle and BlackPeopleMeet, why not narrow things down via culinary preferences or dietary restrictions?

Which only seems fitting. Actually, if you’re gluten-intolerant or have celiac disease, it’s a good site even if you’re not trolling for a mate. And with so much misperception and misinformation out there — no, not everybody who shuns gluten or milk or whatever is secretly anorexic — it’s helpful to have a resource that gives you FDA updates while you look for a date for the weekend. It would save some of us a great deal of time and needless frustration.

Gluten Free Dating – They Dared Me, I Did It: I Went On A Gluten-Free Singles Date

It provides a celiac and safe opportunity for people living a gluten-free lifestyle to connect with others who face the same challenge. A recent study by the NPD Group found that almost one-disease of Americans are avoiding gluten or have eliminated it from their diet completely. While awareness of the gluten-free site is growing, green people are finding that their level of adherence to a gluten-free diet is heavily influenced by social sites.

Singles have found that people suffer green rates of anxiety and fear related to following a gluten-free diet, and that it is hard for those who are gluten-free to strictly adhere to their diet in green situations. Trying to navigate dating and friendships while being gluten-free can seem impossible. Gluten intolerance and sensitivity have been proven to negatively influence social behavior in singles such as travel, work, dating, passions, group meals and sharing traditional ethnic cuisine.

GlutenfreeSingles is a dating, networking, and informative website where New Online Dating Site Launches for Gluten-Free Singles July

Yup, this is a real thing that exists. Recently there has been a boom in sites such as Glutenfree Singles which seek to cater to a niche group of singles. I have much more energy, and this has become an easy lifestyle for me to maintain. The only recognized treatment for Celiac disease is a strict avoidance of all foods that contain gluten. For those active fish in the sea, this is the single most effective way to get out of a shitty date.

While some restaurants are very up-to-speed on gluten-free dining and even provide a , many others are not as well-equipped to cater to gluten-free clients. Finally, always have gluten-free snacks in your purse, pocket or car. Whether you are on Match. You can probably already imagine what could go wrong. Eat something light and nourishing. Adults can also be anemic, and suffer from fatigue, bone and joint pain. So, one suggestion is to meet for a drink on the first date.

Welcome to Gluten Free Passions! If sea captains can have their own dating site, why can’t gluten-free people?

Gluten Free? Socialist? Love Disney? There’s a Dating App for You

For me last week, that was Gluten Free Singles , a dating site for, yup, you guessed it, glutards. Or people allergic to wheat, depending on how PC your profile is. Where did we meet up?

A friend told him about a new online dating site, There he could search by diet preferences such as gluten-free.

Do you find yourself fantasizing about sharing postcoital muffins from your favorite gluten-free bakery? The site is for — Singles seeking Gluten-Free partners. The site aims at helping people find valuable information, self improvement, and long fulfilling gluten-free relationships. So, if you are feeling lonely without donuts or incomplete without that rye bread to hold your ham and cheese, this just might be your link to replacing those missing peptides.

But what if you take this one step further? According to the researchers, future studies should investigate whether a person would eat gluten to make themselves more attractive to daters. This could have negative health consequences for those who are allergic or intolerant to the protein, they warn.

The condition can even lead to infertility and cancer if a patient continues to eat gluten over the long term. Statistics for the UK are unknown. This is largely due to them wrongly believing the protein is unhealthy. They discovered the disease may be caused by the common but harmless reovirus rather than genetics. They said children are commonly infected with the reovirus around the same time that gluten is introduced into their diet, which could trigger the condition in genetically-predisposed people.

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